In addition to reading about various conditions that may be impacting your health or the health of a family members, take a look at these informational videos.

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Prostate Cancer | Digital Rectal Exam | Health Tech Trends | Gleason Score in Prostate Cancer Treatment | Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer | Radical Prostatectomy Surgery: What to Expect | Heart Attacks | High Blood Pressure | Obesity and Cancer Risk | Infertility | Alzheimer’s Disease | Osteoporosis in Men | Colorectal Cancer | Male Breast Cancer | Skin Cancer | Testicular Cancer (TCa) Self Exam


Prostate Cancer (An Overview)

Digital Rectal ExamA light-hearted illustration from Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz Performs a Prostate Exam – Ask Oprah’s All Stars – Oprah Winfrey Network

Health Tech Trends: Roles in Robotic Surgery featuring Dr. David Samadi

Gleason Score in Prostate Cancer Treatment: Prostate cancer experts at MSKCC explain the importance of the Gleason score in selecting the appropriate therapy for men with this disease.

Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer — Sloan-Kettering

Radical prostatectomy surgery: What to expect: In this video, Dr. Robert Nam explains what you can expect before, after, and during radical prostatectomy surgery. Dr. Nam is head of genitourinary cancer care and an active physician at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.


Heart Attacks: This video from the American Heart Association talks about the warning signs of a heart attack.

High Blood Pressure:  A CDC, Million Hearts (TM) animated short on high blood pressure basics. Find out what’s really happening in your body when your heart is working overtime due to high blood pressure.


Obesity and Cancer Risk: Our Expert Weighs in on New Report


Infertility: Dr Roger Lobo of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, sexplains the causes of male infertility.

Dr. Paul Turek, director of The Turek Clinic, and Dr. Ricki Polycove, OBGYN, discuss how making a baby is not the same thing as making love in this his-and-her look at fertility and sex.


Alzheimer’s Disease: “Man Alive” video of a man living with Alzheimer’s Disease in a nursing home and his coming “alive” to the sound of music

This interactive tool from the Alzheimer’s Association provides a tour of the brain and how it works.


Osteoporosis in Men: Dr. Art Hister via InnoFit Online discusses osteoporosis in men that contrary to what you may have hears, its a very real danger to men as well as women. This is a great video for anyone who wants stay active as they age.


Colorectal Cancer: Dr Karen Kim from University of Chicago explains how because each case of colorectal cancer is unique, it’s crucial to seek out multidisciplinary care and treatment options.

Male Breast Cancer: Dr. Stephanie Hines, internal medicine physician and a member of Mayo’s Breast Clinic in Florida, talks about breast concerns in men, including breast cancer and its symptoms.

Skin Cancer: ABC morning news program Good Morning America discusses Hugh Jackman’s recent skin cancer diagnosis & dermatologist Dr Doris Day talks about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Testicular Cancer (TCa) self examvideo that clearly illustrates a testicular cancer self exam.
**Warning: Explicit illustration, nudity involved