Take a look at these interactive health assessment tools. Keep in mind, while these tools can give you an idea of your health, you should review the results of these tools with your doctor.

What is Your BMI?
This calculator, from the CDC, provides you with your BMI measurement based on your height and weight. Body Mass Index (BMI) provides an indicactor of body fatness for most people.
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heart disease risk
Heart Health Assessment
Check out this Heart Disease Risk Calculator to determine your risk of cardiovascular disease from MayoClinic. Using basic health indicators, this calculator can give you a pretty good idea of your heart’s health.
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mental health risk
Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour
This interactive tool explains how the brain works and how diseases like Alzheimer’s affects it.
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sexual health tool
Sexual Health Test
Sex can be great, but it also comes with risks. How much do you know about safe sex practices? Take this quiz and determine how much you know about STDs and contraception.
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prostate cancer risk
Prostate Cancer Risk Tool
My Prostate Cancer Coach is a risk tool designed to help you understand whether you have prostate cancer with a low, intermediate or high risk of cancer progression, which will help determine the course of care best for you.
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calorie requirement
Estimated Calorie Requirements
How many calories do you need to maintain energy balance? Using your age and gender, this helpful chart groups you into three different levels of physical activity to help you establish dietary plan.
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